Our Work

Elections administration is hard, making sense of what is real and what isn’t in this complicated media environment around elections is harder. For the past several years, Americans have been inundated with story after story about weaknesses in our elections and threats around every corner. We take security SERIOUSLY, we know what the real threats are, where they are, and can advocate for solutions that defend our democracy and elections against them while also upholding the values that have made this country great– that any eligible voter who wants to have a say can show up to the polls without fear, knowing their voice will be heard and their vote counted.

We are here to help you tell the stories around what is happening in our elections as well as to advocate for the solutions that will help strengthen our democracy as well as the people’s voice in it. Our team of experts from academia, security, policy, administration and advocacy are here to help you figure out the ins and outs of legislation moving through your state house, and pick through what the implications those bills will actually have on voting in your state while providing alternatives that could provide a different outcome or better solution for all citizens.