Secure Elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and we CAN have a modern and secure election system that rises to the challenges that the 21st century is posing. We know what it takes to ensure that voter data is secure and accurate, that it’s transmission from state agencies is free from typos or error and that the cleanest, and most up to date information is available to poll workers on election day so that voters can show up to the polls with confidence that their vote will be counted and voice heard.  This is why we have developed Secure Elections for America Now (SEAN). SEAN is an organization that advocates for bipartisan voting reform, like Automatic Voter Registration (AVR), in order to promote election integrity.

Secure Elections for America Now, or SEAN, is made up of a comprehensive group of experts in the voting rights space that advise organizations on how to pass pro-voters reforms and work to educate voters, legislators and the press on issues facing everyday voters in our country.